Inglés para niños (6 a 2-años)

¡Hola! Here’s our curriculum and material from our classes for 6 to 12-year-old kids.

mayo 8, 2020

Unit 1. “¿Tienes tu pasaporte? Vámonos a España”

Language Objectives:-About me:–Me llamo (My name is)–Yo soy (I am)–Yo vivo en… (I live in…)–Yo tengo X años (I’m X years old) -Difference between the two […]
abril 22, 2020

Música de la República Dominicana

Topic of the week: “Music from the Dominican Republic” Language Objectives:-Pronunciation of the letter “g” through the topic “El merengue”. Rules and differences between “hard g” […]

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