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abril 22, 2020
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mayo 8, 2020
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¡Hola! Toc Toc Spanish has put an amazing online fiesta for Cinco de Mayo, a day where we Mexicans or Mexican-Americans can show our national pride and we’re just so happy to share our traditions with you and your family.

We have a few days of events for you to build even more memories at home with your little ones! I, Ara, will be on screen with my nieces, in my kitchen, showing you how to make guacamole and flour tortillas, like I used to make with my mom when I was little. And playing Lotería as I used to do with my abuelita and all my extended family. That and more events!

This is our schedule:
Tickets are $15 and will give you access to:
*All the activities for all ages, so feel free to book one ticket for all the family.
*All the recordings from all the activities in case you miss them.
*10% off at Vida’s Brooklyn ( They have amazing Mexican flavored ice creams and popsicles: Mexican chocolate, horchata, jamaica, café con leche, and mango chile. ÑOM! They also have Spanish books and toys in their online store with shipping to all USA.

Get your ticket here

Shout out to Love Jac Artists and Crafts, for being our guest and having a class for us! Its founder, Jackie, will be showing us how to make a maraca at home. Both of us will be sharing screen and I, Ara, will do the craft in Spanish so we’ll keep our class bilingual as always.

Materials for the Maraca Craft:
*Plastic Egg
*Two Plastic Spoons
*Unpopped popcorn
Materials for the Donkey Piggie Bank:
*Two cardboard containers (Milk, chicken broth, juice)
*Colored Tissue paper (regular color paper sheets, magazines or newspapers are good substitutes)
Ingredients for the guacamole:
*1 avocado (one or as many as you wish!)
*1/4 tomato (we'll ask parents some help to mince it)
*Onion (we'll use just a little bit. We'll ask parents some help to mince it)
*Lime or lemon juice
*Optional: Minced cilantro, chicken bouillon, tortillas, tortilla chips, or toasted bread.
Please don't cut the avocado before the class. We'll teach kids how to scrape the avocado out of its peel. Kids will mix the ingredients and squeeze the lemon. You can have some tortilla chips or toasted bread ready!
Ingredients for the flour tortillas:
*Regular wheat flour
*Vegetable shortening. Or margarine or vegetable oil
*Baking powder
*Hot water (parents help needed)
*Rolling bin and a surface to roll the dough
*Optional to have as a filling: Monterey Jack or Mozzarella cheese for quesadillas, or canned refried beans, shredded chicken, any beef or grilled vegetables. Or just alone taste delicious!
We'll be using a pan and heat, so please do this with your kids just like when making pancakes.

Get your ticket
and let's celebrate together!

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