Música de la República Dominicana

Weekly Curriculum 2019-2020
septiembre 15, 2019
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abril 29, 2020
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Topic of the week: “Music from the Dominican Republic”

Language Objectives:
-Pronunciation of the letter “g” through the topic “El merengue”. Rules and differences between “hard g” and “soft g”.
-Vocabulary: ethnic groups, music, instruments.
-Learning the verbs: “bailar” (to dance) and “tocar” (to play an instrument / to touch). (Simple present for Beginners Class, more tenses for Intermediate and Advanced class)

Cultural Objectives for both classes:
-History: Learning the different ethnic groups that form Dominican identity, and how that reflects in the music from the country.
-Music: Getting familiar with the music genres from the Dominican Republic, bachata and merengue.

Class content:

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