Unit 1. “¿Tienes tu pasaporte? Vámonos a España”

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abril 29, 2020
Study abroad (from home) Camp
mayo 20, 2020
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Language Objectives:
-About me:
Me llamo (My name is)
Yo soy (I am)
Yo vivo en… (I live in…)
Yo tengo X años (I’m X years old)

-Difference between the two verbs “to be”: “ser” and “estar”.

Cultural Objectives :
-Dishes, fruits, and vegetables from Spain.
-Music from Spain
-Tomatina Festival

Class content:

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We look forward to seeing you in class!

Spanish for 6-12-year-olds. We go on a passport stamp hunt through Spanish speaking countries. ✈️ We teach Spanish through Geography, landscapes, culture, and art.  Schedules and information at www.toctocspanish.com/online-classes

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